Our solutions

Onboarding Trust Platform

AI-powered digital onboarding platform for fast and secure remote identity verification
ID document OCR support for 190 countries
Selfie vs ID face match with industry-leading accuracy
iBeta accredited liveness check
Advanced adjudication and identity management platform

FaceTrust API

Facial verification powered by the world's fastest & most accurate biometric algorithm.
99.99% accuracy, verified by NIST
Verification in nanoseconds
iBeta accredited liveness detection
Trusted by governments and enterprises in 80+ countries

DocuTrust API

The safest, most powerful ID data extraction software trained by advanced machine learning.
Document detection & data extraction in under 0.4 seconds
Industry-leading precision, even in poor lighting conditions
Intuitive UI with document auto-classification
99% global coverage, custom training available for unsupported documents 

Use cases

Financial Services
Sharing Economy

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