TrustHub Cloud

Advanced adjudication and identity management platform
Selfie vs ID face match with industry-leading accuracy
iBeta Level 2 accredited liveness check
Over 10,500 identity documents supported

Verify users quickly and securely

Scan identity document.
Take a selfie.
All done.

Powerful identity management platform

  • Inspect all data captured during onboarding
  • Check for security features on identity document
  • Trust Factors highlight areas of low trust confidence

No document too difficult

  • Built upon a deep neural network, DocuTrust API works with documents from over 190 countries.
  • In the unlikely event that your document isn't supported, our image processing team will be able to collect samples and train a custom neural network to get your project up an running.

NIST top-ranked biometrics

  • When onboarding users remotely, it is critical to verify their selfie against their identity document portrait securely.
  • FaceTrust API is powered by the Innovatrics algorithm, top-ranked globally in the NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test.

Passive liveness detection

  • Our Passive Liveness Check can distinguish a real face from a single image even without user interaction. It can run fully on-device, making the check instantaneous.
  • Checking the liveness of a person in the background of the app, the onboarding process requires no effort from the users.
Improve user experience by checking liveness faster, with no further actions required.
Prevent spoofing attacks by recognizing a picture from the real face.
Use Passive Liveness when logging-in for seamless day-to-day facial authentication.
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FaceTrust API