"No Click" Web Identity Verification - the latest innovation from Trustmatic

Paul O'Neill
January 17, 2022
Communications Manager

Poor user experience is one of the key drivers of abandonment in remote identity verification processes. Inaccurate algorithms and image capture steps, which are not designed with user behaviour in mind, often result in users being forced to re-capture their ID card images or selfies and greatly increase the likelihood they will abandon the onboarding altogether.

Trustmatic has today released a novel innovation; "No Click" web identity verification. This feature runs in-browser on desktop and mobile, and guides users to submit high-quality images of their identity documents and face. Neural networks, trained using deep learning, carry out real-time image quality checks and auto-capture only when the image is of sufficient quality for accurate optical character recognition (OCR) and biometric verification.

Check out the video below to see how it works in real time: