AI-powered remote identity verification.

Fast. Secure. Automated.
Powered by the world's fastest and most accurate facial biometric algorithm with iBeta accredited liveness detection and ID document coverage in over 190 countries.

We know digital identity is complex

Lots to choose from
There are dozens of vendors offering solutions of all shapes and sizes. It’s difficult to evaluate them all and make the right choice for your organisation.
No two projects are the same
You need your solution provider to be flexible and capable of customizing their technology to fit your requirements.
Budgets are limited
Selecting the right technology also means getting value for money. You should be able to see a clear ROI and your initial investment should be reasonable.
Things move fast
Your requirements today may not be your requirements six months from now. You need a vendor you can rely on to innovate and keep up with industry dynamics.

But when done right,
it can be very powerful

Comply with eKYC, AML and other regulations while significantly reducing back-office costs associated with customer onboarding and identity verification.
Onboard new customers in minutes using just their smartphone and identity document. No need for them to visit your branch or store.
Reduce fraud with our AI-powered trust algorithms. Detect falsified documents, spoofing attacks, and search against exclusion lists.
Reduce abandonment. Our partners have increased their onboarding completion from 63% to 99% by introducing our user-friendly components.

Use cases

Financial Services
Sharing Economy


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